Muay Thai Boxing Classes for Beginners in Lodi, NJ

Start learning, or refresh your knowledge, of foundational skills of Muay Thai Boxing at your own pace

Proper instruction of authentic Muay Thai boxing is of the utmost importance to teach our community of committed students here at North Jersey Muay Thai Gym in Lodi, NJ. That process starts with our unique Ramp-Up program. As a beginner to the sport of Muay Thai, this is a perfect place to start as these classes will serve as the gateway to your journey with us.

If you don’t consider yourself a beginner to Muay Thai and are more advanced or intermediate level, or a previous student of NJMT, these Ramp-Up classes will reintroduce you to our style as well as refresh your knowledge and foundational skills at your own pace.

Do you have previous Muay Thai training with another gym? The Ramp-Up classes will help you assimilate to our authentic style of training and philosophy in the sport of Muay Thai.

These classes are designed to give the proper introduction to the sport of Muay Thai and the distinctive NJMT method of training. These 60 minute classes not only go over the essential techniques of Muay Thai but also proper Pad holding skills. No other gym in the area offers this type of preparatory training. Our proven method gives the student the foundations needed to graduate into the normal group classes in a short amount of time. If you are ready for the challenge and would like to train at a facility that offers exceptional Muay Thai instruction with qualified coaches, than it’s time to change your life today and Book A Tour Here.

Find out why we are considered the best Muay Thai Gym in New Jersey and recognized worldwide as a leader in the North American Muay Thai community. Go to our BOOK A TOUR page and make your appointment to stop by the gym and start the process..